Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Impressionistic Autumn

After a few days N and W of here, in the wet most of the weekend, the rain had follwed us home. There was little colour on the beach but then these 3 lichens (see previous entries...) caught my eye.

23rd Nov09, High Newton, 8am

23rd Nov09, Christon Bank, 3pm

We haven't been to the woods for a while as the cows often guard the gate and, when they're not there, the mud is a foot thick. Undaunted and determined today, I carried Trooper through the mud thinking only of the carpets back home.

Readers of long standing may recognise this technique as I've described the methodology before. No photoshop involved - it's all about working with nature's elements (and knowing how a camera works).

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Lynn said...

I do like these abstracts. I've just come back for a second look. Some of them look like burnished metal, and some of them look like ripples of shot silk. Lovely subtle colours you've captured.