Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Catching up

Lots of catching up to do - Better get on with it...

7th Nov09, Christon Bank, 8am

Frosty morning with interesting fungi...

Probably "Blusher" a delicious culinary mushroom. I'm not 100%sure so I've not eaten any but I know where they live...[ edited: On further investigation, this is a clump of pholiota squarrosa Not for eating! If in doubt leave it be...]

Coprinus Xanthotrix Beautiful, delicate and ephemeral. Not edible.

9th Nov09, Embleton Bay

A grumpy sort of a day.

This beach art is a bit poignant.

9th Nov09, High Newton, 4pm

Blue skies at the end of the afternoon gave way to a strange misty atmosphere behind the dunes.

A skein of curlew.

The beach was huge with the low tide and completely empty.

10th Nov09, Christon Bank, 8am

Gorgeous autumn colours made all the more stunning by the first rays of the morning sun.

10th Nov09, Low Newton, 3pm

Jolly beach art today.

and nature was painting magnificent patterns with the clouds

11th Nov09, High Newton, 8am

A big rainstorm was fortunately well offshore but another crept up behind me so we got wet anyway.

11th Nov09, Low Newton, 3pm

Patterns and textures drew my eye today.

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