Friday, 13 November 2009

Long Dogs and Tall Tales

13th Nov09, High Newton, 8am

Trooper is a "Long Dog" a name given to lurchers and most often used in connection with poachers. Today the sun made us both seem rather too much on the tall side to be completely believable.

13th Nov09, Embleton Bay, 3pm

By conicidence, I was listening to a podcast today where a sociologist was discussing her study into the role of the flip-flop in today's global community. The world's biggest selling shoe apparently, and also probably the first ever shoe design created. They are known as "go-aheads" in China because you can't walk backwards in them. These ones were abandoned as if the owner had exited vertically as a result of alien abduction. I considered tossing them into the sea in case they arrived at the feet of someone needy but decided this was unlikely. We hung them on the gatepost instead.

This was a very cool VW camper. The coolness was somewhat offset by the fact that while He drove the camper, She was parked nearby in a nice modern car with the kids.

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