Sunday, 5 February 2012


4th Feb12, Christon Bank, 8am

Saturday Sunrise

5th Feb12, Christon Bank, 7am

Sunday Sunrise behind Paddy's Mount. Freezing this morning but gorgeous walking and we ended up out and about for two hours before breakfast.

5th Feb12, Newton Point, 3pm

Suzy needed some photographs taken for her knitting and Daisy was very patient. It was lovely to spend a while photographing without any commercial pressure. Su's knitting is all inspired by the colours and textures of the Northumberland Coast so it seemed only right to photograph the scarves and bags around the dunes and beach. See more on

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you-wee because said...

Enjoy a great work week, Andy!

Obviously you have no freezing cold in your part of planet Earth!
We have been freezing and shivering since one week now with temperatures of -7°C to - 15°C!!!


you-wee because said...

By the way: Wonderful photographs about the knitting / knitware. Looks like some random finds at the beach and - as you wrote - fits perfectly to the colours of the Northumberland beach!