Sunday, 17 April 2011

chase not chess

17th April 11, Embleton Bay, 6 am

The morning, when viewed from the bedroom window, was simply gorgeous and I couldn't go back to bed. Daisy was unimpressed but eventually joined me when the back door opened.

I don't need words, I have a photograph....

Calm, beautiful mornings mean nothing when your an 11.5 month old puppy looking for adventure.

I used to take pictures like this and my footprints and Trooper's pawprints walked peacefully and harmoniously together. Daisy doesn't do calm walking; note how her pawprints jump around all over the place.

It takes much more than one boisterous puppy to disturb the peace on a morning like this though...

The after-effects of a game of chase (similar to chess but less strategic). Daisy proudly surveys the mess she's made of the pristine sand.

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