Wednesday, 24 March 2010

limpet graveyard

24th Mar10, Football Hole 3pm

The sea has collected an enormous pile of limpet shells on the beach today. Some days you could walk here and see none.

25th Mar10, Low Newton, 4pm

These limpets were very much alive and lurking in their crevice awaiting the high tide.

There is a rock around here called "the vanishing rock" which is buried under the beach sand for the most part. It appears every few years if the weather conditions are right and the sand is scoured away. It has been thus for centuries and there is grafiti on the rock dating back to the 16th century. I was quite therefore quite excited to spot writing on this rock as I've only just learned where to look for the vanishing rock. I think though that this is not it. ;-)

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Paul said...

Would that be ye olde Sexe Pistols?

There is part of a ship wreck buried in the sand towards the southern end of the beach at Football Hole which apparently only reveals itself after a very high tide. I've only seen photos of it though which are kept in the 'archive' at The Joiners Arms.