Monday, 29 March 2010

Ever increasing circles

28th March10, Bamburgh, 11am

Windy but bright and we headed North, away from the crowds and into the wind.

I fancied the wind blown walkers would have been a suitable subject for LS Lowry. Even down to the dogs running about. Being a painter, he could have had the castle in the picture and many more people added to the foreground. I can only tweak reality not add to it.

Northumbrian coble - out the water for the winter.

29th March10, Christon Bank, 3pm

Rain all day here today and rumours of snow up north again. Not much wind though and I like a soft rain pattering on my hood as I wander around keeping Trooper well away from the lambs.

As I promote my new training business via existing and new connections in the tourism industry, I saw a metaphor in the widening ripples of the rain drops in the pond.

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