Saturday, 27 March 2010

the beachcomber

26th March10, Newton Links, 4pm

Trooper was recognised today from his appearances on the blog and he was very pleased with himself. It's always nice to meet a regular visitor.

Here we see a beachcomber carrying home some winter fuel as well as some litter. That big stick may have been useful to fend off the bullocks on the path. Nice to meet you and Thanks for helping to keep our beach clean!

27th March10, Christon Bank, 8am

The lambs have plastic coats on (I assume to protect them from this week's heavy rains). I love to watch sheep with their lambs, they are so caring and loving. I do enjoy the spring...

27th March10, Cratster to Howick, 10am - 2pm

A fine, longer than normal walk on a beautiful day.

Trooper clears the fence Not bad for an old, one-eyed hound!

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