Thursday, 18 June 2015

a slow summer

9th June 2015, Low Newton 6am

Glassy calm at Low Newton this morning

9th June 2015, Alnwick 12 noon

10th June 2015, Low Newton, 6:30am


Intricate patterns
On the latest trainers
'Inspired by nature' they say
And so it will be
That wind and tide
Will wash away all trace
Of these trainers
And their owners
And soon the trainers
and their 'Nature inspired' patterns
Will be gone too
And the beach will go on
As before

13th June 2015, at home, 7am

17th June 2015, Low Newton 6am

 Multilayered clouds in grey and silver and the subtlest shade of blue

18th June 2015, Newton Point, 5pm

Among the wild flowers of Newton Point

Andy Craig Photography

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