Sunday, 12 August 2012

inspiration returns

I've been a bit distracted by my new gallery opening and have been wandering the coast with Daisy not seeing the photographs I normally see.

As things click into a routine my creative eye comes back into focus too. An interesting process to witness.

11th Aug12, Howick, 4pm

Daisy digs on the beach

A beach scattered with natural textures of stone and wood.

Someone had created a mini-stonehenge. Lovely work. I welcome creative visitors like this.

12th Aug12, Boulmer, 4pm

I'm shooting a wedding hereabouts at the weekend so it was good to wander around and see what's what.

These backlit poppies were beautiful in the westering sun.

Daisy jumped and raced around as she does...

We sat and looked out at the sea over the cobles and other fishing boats of this unique little fishing village.

New Gallery Now Open: 33 Fenkle St, Alnwick.  Drop by and say Hello...

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1 comment:

Lynn said...

I love every one of these, and the two of Daisy are brilliant! She looks like an Olympian. Gold medals in the digging, racing and jumping...