Saturday, 3 October 2009

weather with a message

2nd Oct09, High Newton, 8am

A dull old day but there's always something beautiful and something will come by if you wait long enough.

2nd Oct09, Hepburm Woods, 6pm

I have never gazed down on the Cheviot foothills without them being bathed in some sort of ethereal light. The Westering sun is often filtered dramatically through the clouds sitting on top of The Cheviot.

3rd Oct09, Low Newton, 7am

Lying listening to the wind outside and the weather forecast in my ear it didn't sound like much of a day. But Lo! A fine day while the beach waited for the forecast rain.

The wind whipped up the sand but Trooper didn't mind as he stretched his legs over the beach.

An off-shore wind makes for an eerily calm sea given that I could scarce stand up at the time!

Some ferns have turned to autumn hues and were getting a good battering in the gale.

The message of the rainbow was not the biblical "no more rain" - quite the reverse in fact

I'm off to warmer climes for a week - see you when I'm back!

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