Monday, 19 October 2009

pushing the limits

I set myself a rule that only walks within sight of the sea would be included on the blog - well rules are meant to be ignored!

17th October09, Coquetdale and Harbottle, 4pm

A fine walk on a gorgeous, autumn afternoon.

Harbottle Lake

Autumn is the season for fruiting fungus...

...and lovely light

This poem won a prize a few years ago and is engraved on this stone near Harbottle Castle (of which little remains). Ironically it was none of the things mentioned that caused the castle to be so ruinous, it was the locals "quarrying" the stones from the castle to build their village houses!

18th Oct09, High Newton, 7am

A beautiful morning and a lovely dawn.

18th October09, High Newton, 5pm

The day's promise became cloaked in grey.

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