Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Strangely warm

28th Oct09, Howick Coast, 8am

They're calling it an Indian Summer as it was around 17 degC today (last year it was nearer 5 degC at this time).

On any walk, when the coast first appears it's a moment to draw breath and be thankful for being here.

Black Elderberries in profusion

Red Hawthorn berries on Lichen encrusted stems

Orange Sea Buckthorn berries

Not sure about these teardrop shaped berries, but they're lovely.

Rose hips

This is Hedge Woundwort related to nettles (and mints). It flowers through to October but this is late October...

The hedges that are so interesting at this time of year finally yield to a fine vista over the bay and the glittering sea. A single Eider stayed put while the gulls bickered and flew up and around.

While I sat and enjoyed the warmth of a sunny seat, Trooper was very patient.

The bay where the Howick burn meets the sea is a lovely spot.

Up past the reconstructed "stone-age" hut. The new fences look a bit busy but are very good at keeping the cows at bay - they used to wander all over this path and made it a no-go route somedays.

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