Monday, 3 November 2008

A few days away from my desk!

Here are a few photos from over the weekend to catch up.

Friday 31st October, Embleton Bay, 4pm

A bit crowded on the beach today what with the weekend arriving and the school holidays. There were as many as 6 or 7 people enjoying the bracing conditions!

Saturday, 1st November, Simonside Hills, Rothbury

A bit inland for a walk up into the Simonside Hills. Up here the autumn colours have taken hold. Following a sharp hailstorm, the weather cleared and the steam through the woods was mesmerising...

Sunday 2nd November, Beadnell Bay, 4pm

A lovely sunset which is all the more appealling becauseof the way the coast faces at this point to so you get to see the sunset with a bit of sea in the foreground.

Monday 3rd October, High Newton, dull and overcast

Even on a dull day the light can do interesting things. This ray lasted only a few minutes.

These two images are an ongoing project to capture the movement of the water against the stationary rocks. Last time I tried, they didn't make the blog. At least these ones are worth including but I can do better.

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