Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Do I smell coconut?

18th November, Christon Bank limekilns, 8am

Another lovely morning with nice light on the old limekilns and in the sky.

18th November, Howick coast, 2pm

An early walk this afternoon and as I walked along I smelled coconut on the breeze. Round the corner there was a gorse bush in full flower. I love the smell of these bushes but I associate it with May not November!

It got me looking at the other foliage and the dead, dry seed heads were much more seasonal and lovely in silhouette.

..and the this wee campion was struggling to flower too. what an odd winter!

Howick Sandstone at Howick Haven...

...and The view back towards Dunstanburgh Castle with "Lord Howick's Bathing House" in the sun.

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Robert Barnes said...

Hello Andy,

Fantastic pictures and thoughts.

A few years ago I lived on the Northumberland coast for about 9 months, so I recognise the appeal.

You probably know by now that you were mentioned on Five Live this morning, so you are about to get a lot of new visitors like me!

Keep it up, wonderful site,