Wednesday, 19 November 2008

As featured on the BBC!

Welcome to anyone joining me after my wee mention on BBC Radio 5 live this morning. Given that the discussion was all about "views of the sea" I realised I haven't been on the beach for a couple of days. Another visitor mentioned there weren't enough pictures of Trooper; so here we go...

19th November 2008, Embelton Bay, 8am

Decent sized waves combined with a low sun and an offshore wind makes a good combination for Embleton Bay. As the waves start to break the spray is caught by the wind and the sun simultaneously.

This guy was tackling some serious waves - it was great spectator sport

Some Oyster catchers at rest and in flight - Beautiful Birds. I first saw them on a family holiday on Harris when I was very little and I still get a thrill living this close to them as a grown up!


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