Monday, 6 July 2020

finding quiet

6th July 2020, Low Newton, 5pm

Up here to find the avocets which are apparently breeding this year.  I found 3 of them and this one posed nicely.

I'm not sure which warbler this is as he wasn't calling.

We hung about enjoying the warm sunshine and amazing views of the turquoise sea. (Daisy looked the other way obviously)

6th July 2020, Warkworth, 9am

With holiday accommodation opening up over the weekend I thought it might be busy this morning but it was pretty quiet.  

A couple of passers by at the water's edge.

A couple of nice pebbles this morning.  The first is what I call a pictolith (picture stone)  To my eye, the bands in the sandstone resemble a landscape of hills, valleys and clouds.

This one is brownish whinstone (the local name for dolerite) with a lovely band of quartz (I think)

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