Saturday, 3 March 2018

Beast day 4

3rd March 2018, Newton Point, 7:30am

Brave enough to try the roads today - for a couple of miles anyway.

Very glad to have snow tyres and a friend who let me park as the car parks and verges are all snowed up.  Many roads are still closed, 4x4 only or at best single file.  It'll get messy later on if a lot of visitors come up from the city.

Once out on the coast it was grim. Very cold, very windy and very grey.  Many birds are sheltering in the grass of the dunes so we left them in peace and didn't stay out very long.

3rd March 2018, at home

Extra bird feeders are out for the birds.  There are so many birds looking desperately for food.  We've seen several Fieldfares so we're doing our best.  Here is a coal tit enjoying lunch.

3rd March 2018, Christon Bank, 4pm

We're not cut off anymore thanks to days of tremendous effort by hardy types with diggers and snow ploughs and we made it to Alnwick and back today.

This has made me more relaxed and now I want to enjoy the winter scenery while it lasts.

Still no trains running though (except the odd freight run)   This must be causing all sorts of problems to people up and down the country.

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