Friday, 8 December 2017


8th December 2017, Embleton Bay, 7:30am

We were at the beach far too early for sunrise (it was due at 8:20am).  It wasn't a problem as I love to be on the beach as the darkness fades and the light comes over the landscape and the sea.

It was -1C but at least the stiff breeze was behind the dunes.

I sat on the freezing dune and looked out over the sea. It was 20 minutes before sunrise but how many times have I photographed the sunrise at Embleton Bay and Dunstanburgh Castle? (don't answer that!)

As usual my challenge was to find a different angle - what's today's story - how can I make a photograph that captures the atmosphere unique to today? I noticed the waves rolling in and thought it was worth having a look through the 600mm telephoto lens I happened to have with me this morning. When I saw the composition through this lens I saw the photograph for today.

I knew I could capture the waves technically, now the new challenge was timing. I could see a flash of light on the wall of the wave just before it broke and this was the moment I wanted to have in my photograph.

I sat there snapping away watching wave after wave rolling in to the bay until my fingers got so cold I had to call it a day.

We were there long enough that the sun rose and changed the light completely. By then we were on the beach so Daisy could have a run about so the angle changed too.

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