Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dogs old and new

This is what photography means to me:

We all breathe the same air but most hurry by.
If you let yourself be aware
Of where you are
And what you see around you,
And if you smell the grass and listen to the trees.
And if you taste the wind and feel the touch of the rain.
And if you let yourself acknowledge how this touches you inside.
Only then will you truly see the photograph
And you will know the art of photography

20th July 2015, Embleton Bay, 5pm

Guest whippet Zak - very muscly and newly rehomed by friends of ours. Lovely dog.

24th July 2015, Embleton Bay, 6am

The Skaith - I've recently learned that the name refers to all the marshy area, not just the water.

25th July 2015, Low Newton, 7am

There are people who come here and leave behind them a mermaid in the sand
These people are welcome back anytime

27th July 2015, Embleton Bay, 6pm

Daisy's hairy sister Bess.

31st July 2015, Low Newton, 6am

In bed at 1am after Rothbury Roots but up at 6am as the beach was calling...

Andy Craig Photography

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