Thursday, 7 February 2013

Giant sundial

7th Feb 2013, Embleton Bay and Dunstanburgh, 8am

Either side of winter solstice the giant sundial of the Lilburn tower of Dunstanburgh Castle casts its mighty shadow across the golf course at sunrise. From within the shadow the sun lines up with the windows. I took a similar picture last February (as those of you with my calendar will know if you've remembered to turn the page to February)!

My footsteps on the beach. No Daisy prints as she was somewhere else. Very relaxing knowing she's safely dotting about somewhere just a whistle away.

This lovely old tree trunk should make a beautiful photograph - it's been here a few weeks or months even. This is the best shot I've had to date but doesn't get its best side.

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you-wee because said...

On the majority of your photos the sun shines. Has this to do with a special microclimate along your North Sea coast? Or has that got to do with the circumstance that you don't take too much photos during bad weather, Andy?
Or is it just a pure prejudice that English / British weather is predominatly lousy? One way or another: I wish you a pleasant weekend, Andy!


Paul said...

Love the shot of the old tree...if only it could talk, what stories could it tell.

Andy Craig said...

I am a fair weather photographer!

The reason is that bad weather has wrecked 3 cameras in 4 years of the blog and so the new camera stays in the house on the really stormy days.

I must be brave though!