Saturday, 14 April 2012

sunrise story

14th April12, Embleton bay, 6am

Up at 5:30 am and it wasn't very promising. A cold blustery wind from the north, grey clouds all around threatening rain.

Nonetheless, it would be sunrise in half an hour and at this time in the morning Daisy gets the run of the beach.

On the beach with a gloomy scene pre-dawn. High ISO and slow shutter speed in a strong wind.

Huge banks of cloud fill the sky threateningly and the 6am sunrise comes and goes without a break. Never mind. Daisy and me have a good time playing on the big empty beach.

Ten minutes on and a break appears in the cloud allowing the colours of a previously hidden sunrise to appear.

Up close with a telephoto lens the sunrise is now as beautiful as any other.

As we turn for home the sun has thrown the dark gloomy clouds into sharp focus and bold patterns emerge. I think I was alone in witnessing the sunrise this morning from Embleton Bay (Daisy didn't pay much attention) and we headed off leaving the day to others.

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Paul said...

'Atmospheric' was the word that sprang to mind when I looked at the photo's. Excellent stuff as always Andy.