Monday, 14 December 2009

hole in the ground

13th Dec09, Newton Links, 8am

The field is still flooded which is bad news for the crop and the farmer but it's much appreciated by the wildfowl. This flight of mute swans was coming in to land...

14th Dec09, Little Mill Quarry, 8am

Someone suggested this walk to me. Too many sheep for Trooper and not enough running around for his taste but it appealed to the explorer in me and I enjoy industrial archaeology as much as the ancient variety. This is one of many quarries around here, some old and some current, that exploit the hard whinstone that outcrops frequently throughout Northumberland. A fine grained igneous rock formed by volcanic activity underground which has been exposed by weathering of the sandstone over the millenia. Most famously, a large chunk of Hadrian's Wall is built on the whin sill.

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