Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Welcome to Northumberland360

This Blog is a diary of photographs of the Northumberland coast of the UK.

I'm on the beach pretty much everyday with my faithful one-eyed-hound Trooper and this gives me tremendous access to the ever-changing light tides and weather of this spectacular area.

On the downside, I can never be bothered to carry my full photographic kit so the concept here is to present some thoughtful snapshots of the beach on as close to a daily basis as I can manage.

Why 360?

Because I'll be on the beach nearly but not quite 365 days a year and because I'll try to present a 360 degree view of the coastal area. Whatever comes up as Trooper and I walk around.

Monday 20th October - 8am, High Newton-by-the-Sea, Weather bright but very windy.

Monday 20th October - 4pm Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Weather dull and extremely windy

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