Monday, 27 October 2008

To Limp or Not To Limp

Trooper awoke with a limp. He got a short unphotogenic walk and then we went off without him (shame!)

We went briefly to the coast then headed slightly inland to Howick Gardens. Lovely spot much to recommend it, not least the teashop.

Sunday 26th October, Howick coast and Howick Gardens

Monday 27th October High Newton, 8am, weather bright (again!)

Trooper's limp only appears when he's in the house. Show him a beach and he's off like a rocket. His limp reappeared as we headed back to the car - funny that!

I wonder if there will be anything to photograph when I'm off to the same old beach but something always comes up. Unknown people love to build things with flotsam and jetsam and this installation of 3 wooden pillars that were nicely aligned with the rising sun is a fine example.

This is one of a pair of Snow Buntings probably just arrived from Scandinavia where they spend the summer. Welcome to Northumberland little friend.

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