Sunday, 22 September 2019

webs of mist

22nd September 2019, Hauxley, 8am

A very foggy drive over to the coast and drops of mist hung on the cobwebs by the village.

As we walked the mist was burning off and the light changed every minute.  Soon enough Coquet Island appeared from the mist where previously its location was only apparent from the foghorn.

Walking along the misty beach my eye was drawn to the pebbles and cobbles on the shore.

Sometimes a photograph leaps out as the landscape offers both a subject and a composition. This was the case with the half-wet, half-dry pebbles in this photograph.

At other times, I have a clear idea in my head of the photograph that I want to find among the millions of stones. In my head I need to show the colours of the pebbles but in a simple uncluttered way without extraneous patches of grass etc. The pebbles should be uniform in size so that one large stone doesn't dominate and spoil the rhythm of the composition. Another texture for contrast can work as long as the simplicity of the composition is maintained. All these ideas are in my head and I can get quite lost in the process of searching to see if this photograph is to be found.

Today this photograph met my idea of what I was looking for. The 'story' in the photograph is the colours of the different sandstones and limestone while the decaying seaweed contrasts with the seemingly everlasting pebbles. Well, that's how my mind works...

Looking up the vista back up the beach was beautiful.  The mist cleared to reveal bonny morning clouds

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