Saturday, 7 July 2018

summer sunrise

7th July 2018, Newton Point, 4am

I woke at 3:30 and was restless.  When I looked out the window I could see there would be a nice sunrise and a quick check showed it would be at 4:34 so plenty of time to get myself out there.  It's very rare for me to see sunrise at this time of year so this was too good an opportunity to miss.

Daisy, surprisingly, bounced out of bed keen to join me.

I kept her on the lead as I thought we might encounter the last of the nocturnal wildlife although it was already quite bright in the sky.

Sure enough ahead of us on the path was first one deer then two.  They watched us for a bit and then the stag started chasing the female all around the field.  Daisy was going crazy on the lead so it was tricky to get photos and hold her at the same time!

Eventually they bounded away and we walked on only to stop and watch as another two female deer leapt through the long grass.

 Down on the beach the sunrise was warming up the sky and it was nicely reflected in the pools.

Out to sea between the two headlands a couple of dolphins were coming to the surface.  Too distant to photograph, these few minutes of their company were just for my eyes.

Snook point gave us a decent vantage point for the moment of sunrise...

...but we dropped down to the beach again where terns were busy finding breakfast just offshore. The curlews are back at the coast too and the air was filled with their beautiful melancholic cries mixed with the frantic shrieking of the terns.

At the other end of the beach 3 eiders were bobbing gently on the calm sea.

Time to head home as the sun rose higher and the orange would soon fade to blue.

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