Monday, 8 January 2018

cliche or classic?

8th January 2018, Cannonball Boulders, 8am

As we walked up towards the castle it was a long time until sunrise but the sky was calm and beautiful

Many of the photographers visiting the Dunstanburgh Castle area of the Northumberland Coast are after this one shot of the so-called 'cannonball boulders'. I've seen hundreds of beautiful, if similar, images of this scene. I've been here a few times myself. Today I noticed there was no-one else there so I wandered down to the twisted limestone outcrop of saddle rock and set up my compact camera on my 6" tripod to see what I could make of the movement in the sea.

The main limiting factors were not gear related:  The cold wind was blowing relentlessly into my face robbing me of concentration and patience and the sub-zero air was freezing my hands into numbness.

One day I'll maybe come back with my SLR and all the kit - or maybe I'll just stick to my normal wanderings. There's so much more to photograph than just this one location.

This one is a 3 second exposure

This one is a 0.4" exposure

8th January 2018, Beadnell Bay, 11am

A beautifully shiny beach for my morning run...

8th January 2018, Football Hole, 4pm

Looking east with the sunset somewhere behind me. The wind is fierce and chilly. Out over the sea sits “the belt of Venus” an atmospheric phenomenon where pinky-red light is scattered from the setting sun to colour the sky on the opposite side of the sky from sunset. Between the horizon and the belt of Venus is the dark band of the Earth’s shadow. No, I don’t really understand it either but it’s quite cool and very beautiful

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