Saturday, 21 November 2015

new moon, old words

19th Nov 2015, Embleton Bay, 
We had a beautiful starry walk this morning and then a clear, calm walk under a half moon this afternoon.  The moon lit up the sea from behind a cloud. 

Daisy didn't want to go home as the afternoon turned to twilight. Last year year I wrote these words after a similar walk...
A walk by Moonlight
I’d rather walk by starlight
When the sun is yet to rise
When nothing stirs and all is still
But distant night-time cries
Or wander here by moonlight
When the sun has newly set
Eyes adjust to gathering dark
No moonlight shadows yet
Winter means the dark will fall
When usually it’s day
We rush to switch on lamps and lights
To keep the dark at bay
But venture out, don’t be afraid
To feel the dark embrace
The wide-eyed seek the shadows out
Let senses set the pace.
Familiar landscapes set anew
Lie just beyond your door
Sights and sounds are waiting
Let your inner child explore

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