Thursday, 11 February 2010

The mystery of the woods

11th Feb10, Newton Links, 8am

Another fine morning for a walk along the deserted beach. Just ocassionally I get the urge to meet someone for a chat. I did yesterday and very pleasant it was too, but today the chap who rides out with his horses every morning bade me a good morning and that was it. He would be an interesting fellow to talk to but circumstances don't allow small talk, just a greeting yelled over the breeze and across the safe distance we keep between horse and dog. I think we agreed that it was a fine day.

11th Feb10, Christon Bank, 3pm

Once again around the woods and once again I snapped these impressionistic images of the trees. I haven't divulged the secret of the technique in as many words but suffice to say it's all natural with very little photoshop.

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