Friday, 17 April 2009

watery sun

Still cold and misty down on the beach, but the sun's up there shining away on the wrong side of the cloud.

16th April09. High Newton, 8am

A NE wind has stirred the sea up. There was a wonderfully invigorating seaside smell wafting in from the waves. Today's podcast was "excess baggage" from BBC radio4 and 2 very enthusiastic chaps were expounding on the joys of cemeteries and of walking. Trooper was keen to go on too but despite all this cajoling, the cold wind meant I remained sluggish like a lizard out of the sun.

17th April09, High Newton, 8am

PS anyone from outside the UK who wants to hear a Very British accent - tune in!

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Lynn said...

Did tune in! Very interesting talk, Northumberland gets a mention; agree about the accent !Thanks for the link.