Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tae a Dug

With apologies to Rabbie Burns here's a few shots as a tribute to Trooper.

27th Jan 09, Football Hole, 9am

Patiently awaiting while I photograph something-or-other.

Impatiently waiting for me to throw the ball.

After the sprint. Trooper only ocassionally does a real flat-out sprint. Here he returns from a run a bit out of breath. Looking at his tracks, the distance between his leading rear paw and first front paw was over 7 feet. It's great to watch him in full flight. Not bad for an old, one-eyed lurcher.


Nancy said...

I want you to know I follow your blog, northumberland, very closely. I don't comment often, for fear of redundancy, but I love your work. I've lived on moody coastlines before and can feel them again through your photos. I now reside in a land-locked desert and, strangely enough, find it's much the same place.

Andy Craig said...

Thanks Nancy.

I love receiving your comments - They are the air that I breathe. Thank you.